Leg art?

Jag har alltid undrat hur det känns att ligga på golvet och posera med benen i luften, som de gör på bilder för trikåer. Så jag tänkte, varför inte prova det? Så jag gjorde det, och måste säga att jag blev nöjd med bilderna. Kändes dock inte lika glamoröst som det ser ut!

I’ve always wondered how it feel to lay on your back and pose with your legs in the air, like they do on the pictures for tights. I thought, why not try it? So I did, and I have to say that I like how the pictures turned out. It didn’t feel as glamorous as it looks though!

2 thoughts on “Leg art?

  1. This picture sure turned out well (hohoho, turned out… see that?), that’s a great pose you tried here! You really should model for Bloch, Capezio or whatever the brand! Oh and by the way, always a pleasure to see all your pictures… Your blog is definitely in my favs! ^^

    1. Ha ha! That’s a good one XD Almost every girl dreams of modeling and I sure wouldn’t mind modeling for these amazing brands but that’s not going to happen so I’m happy with some amateur modeling in my home 😉 😀 Thank you so much <3

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