Snowy Saturday

Det är fortfarande kring -9°C här och snön ligger kvar på makren än, det ska till och med snöa nästa vecka. Så jag tänkte att jag fortsätter publicera de här frostiga bilderna. Det är första året som jag har lyckats få några bilder i snön så jag vill verkligen se till att använda dem.

Har ni snö där ni bor?

It’s still about -9°C here and the snow is still here, it’s even supposed to snow during next week. So I’m continuing with these frosty pictures. It’s the first year that I’ve managed to get some pictures in the snow so I really want to make use of them.

Do you have snow where you live?

2 thoughts on “Snowy Saturday

  1. I love the contrast between the black tutu and the whiteness of snow. You are brave, I hate cold so much I could not take pics outside in just ballet clothes. It’s really snowy in Rovaniemi and -19 or so. It was -30 for two days, so even this weather now feels kind of nice.

    1. Thank you so much, I love the contrast too. It sure was freezing cold but it was worth it. However, I don’t think I would have been able to do it where you live!

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