Som många av er redan vet så är jag kobent, vilket betyder att mina ben inte är raka som ni kan se på bilden. Detta kombinerat med min hyperextension gör det svårt för mig att göra vissa saker i baletten. Om hyperextensionen inte är problemet så är kobentheten det. Inte för att det stoppar mig i min passion men det gör det definitivt svårare.

As most of you know I’m knocked-kneed, which means that my legs aren’t straight as you can see in this picture. This combined with my hyperextension makes it hard for me to do certain things in ballet. If it’s not a problem due to my hyperextension it’s a problem due to my knocked-knees. Not that this stops me from my passion but it certainly makes it harder for me.

2 thoughts on “Knock-kneed

  1. I understand very well what you mean, I have very lightly knocked knees, but especially hyperextension. It is very difficult to me to control it during stretching and I have in fact leaved yoga since I found back enough flexibility. Too dangerous to me!! By the way, I like very much your new blog design ! Looks more like you 😉

    1. Yes, the struggle is real! I’ve built so much muscles that my knees don’t bother me in the stretching per say but I feel they’re in the way :/ Maybe we’ll find ways to handle it? I’ll make sure to make a post if I find something that works for me, maybe it’ll work for you too 🙂

      Thank you, it wasn’t my intention though… My blog updated and my settings on my other theme went away with the old version of WordPress. I tried to code it back but don’t remember my settings so I gave up and chose this design instead. I’m glad to hear that you like it though, makes it feel better 😉

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