Bendable, not breakable

Brygga Stretch

Känns fortfarande som jag är i tusen bitar men jag tror jag kommer klara mig genom det här. Jag kan inte avge några löften och jag känner mig inte redo att berätta om situationen men jag ska i varje fall försöka skriva oftare. Tack för era underbara kommentarer, jag har läst dem alla även om jag inte har svarat.

Still feeling broken into pieces but I think I might be able to make this. I can’t make any promises and I don’t feel ready to tell you about my current situation but I’ll try to write more often now. Thank you for your wonderful comments, I’ve read them all even if I haven’t replied.

5 thoughts on “Bendable, not breakable

  1. Like when shattering a glass you need to step cautiously, but eventually you need to pick up every shard – carefully. Be methodical, take the time needed but most importantly: remember that a broken glass is nothing more than a broken glass.

    Get well soon. Along with a warm message and fond thoughts.


  2. Take all the time you need sweetie ? This has to be a place where you enjoy posting, so don’t rush yourself until you feel the need and some pleasure in posting ! We’ll be there when you do ❤️ The most important thing is for you to get better and take care of your life first

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