World Ballet Day and Ballet Bun Day


Jag fyller 29 idag och det är tydligen Internationella Balettdagen. Riktigt passande. Jag hopper jag kan ta en lektion snart men just nu har jag inte tillräckligt med energi för det. Hoppas ni har en din dag fylld med balett.

I’m turning 29 today and apparently it’s World Ballet Day. How convenient. I hope I can attend a class soon but I don’t have enough energy for it right now. I hope you’re having a good day and that you can enjoy ballet today.

2 thoughts on “World Ballet Day and Ballet Bun Day

  1. Happy birthday, sweetie! You’ve been in my thoughts a lot. Sending you hugs and sunshine – it was a sunny day here and all the trees are dressed up in red and bright yellow. I miss summer terribly though. I don’t have much time for ballet classes either, because all of my PhD-classes are in the evenings and on weekends…

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