En pointe?

Jag hade tåspetsskor vid räcket på förra skolan jag dansade på, i Norrköping. Jag har aldrig dansat i tåspetsskor, jag hade dem bara vid räcket och gjorde enklare övningar som demi-pointe och fulla tåspetsövningar. Jag vill kunna dansa i tåspetsskor så jag och Angelica frågade Carinne om vi kunde börja öva i dem.

Vi fick svaret att vi inte var tillräckligt starka och att vi måste bygga upp mycket mer styrka i både ben och mage. Jag kan inte hålla med mer! Det viktigaste i baletten är att låta allt ta sin tid och sakta öka svårighetsgraden och lägga till svårare övningar. Jag känner att jag inte är redo för att verkligen börja öva på riktigt i tåspetsskor. Jag vill inte tvinga min kropp till saker den inte klarar, jag vill känna att jag är redo för nästa steg.

Så, under nästa termin (nr. 6), kommer vi fokusera mycket mer på teknik och styrka. Jag kan knappt bärga mig! Jag kommer fortsätta att posera i mina tåspetsskor i alla fall!

I wore pointe shoes at the barre at the first school I danced in, in Norrköping. I have never danced in pointe shoes, I just had them at the barre doing simple demi-pointe and en pointe exercises. I want to be able to dance more in pointe shoes so me and Angelica asked Carinne if we could start practicing in them.

We got the answer that we aren’t strong enough and that we need to build up more strength, in both legs and stomach. I couldn’t agree more! The most important thing in ballet is to let everything take it’s time and gradually add tougher exercises. I can feel that I’m not ready to really practice in pointe shoes. I don’t want to push my body more than it can handle, I want to feel that I’m ready for the next step.

So, next term (no. 6), we’re going to focus much more on technique and strength. I can’t wait! I’m going to continue to pose in them though!

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  1. I just finished my trial class and it went really badly. They were so much more advanced than I was. I feel really really sad about it. There were so many moves I had heard of but never done before and they were all used in big combinations which I almost immediately forgot. I don’t know why I am writing this to you, but you’re the closest I have to a ballet friend! The teacher said I will pick up the new moves eventually, but I really don’t know. It’s not fun when you spend the whole time looking stupid trying to follow along. I really hoped this school would fit well with my abilities.

    Your blog is super inspiring and I will try not to let this experience stop me.

    1. So sorry to hear that you felt sad after class but I know the feeling. I have to admit that I’m scared of the day when I jump up a class to the advanced one.
      You will get better and improve quickly in that class! You just need to hang in there and not be too hard on yourself. Believe in yourself and let the progress take the time it needs. We need challenges in life to get better 🙂

      Take care!

      1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I was really feeling a bit down the other day. Sometimes I feel like I take ballet too seriously… But it’s something I really love and something I really want to get better at.

        Thanks again! Xx

        1. You shouldn’t feel like you’re taking ballet too seriously, ballet is a lifestyle and it can be a lifestyle for everyone, not just professional ballerinas. My life breathes ballet and I can honestly say that I can’t imagine life without it. Even if I always mess something up at class or if I sometimes feel really bad about my technique, I still love it.

          Don’t let anything keep you away from your true passion. Technique is only one component in ballet, you can always enjoy it. The technique will come with time, I’m sure of it.


    2. one other thing! witch is that you improve som much faster when being surronded by better dancers than yourself. my teatcher always says that, that its much easier to learn when you have people in your group that knows the technique cause you adjust to their level and you sort of adapt their skills. so you just keep dancing!!! and this is true I promise you, by dancing in that group you will develope so much faster.

        1. The teacher said I can trial the class for a month and decide at the end if it’s good for me. I’ll try again on Tuesday.

          The problem is they are so much better than me and there is so much new stuff to learn.. It might be a while before I feel confident.

          When I think back on my old class it was definitely a beginner class! I like that everyone in this new class takes ballet seriously and is not just there for exercise.

          I wish I started ballet sooner! Haha

          I’ll give you an update after class on Tuesday 🙂

          Thanks again for all your advice. None of my friends are into ballet and they don’t always understand.

        2. So… I went again and it went a lot better. We did a lot of the same stuff as last time so the moves were a little bit in my body.

          I will trial the class for the month and hopefully I will get better.

          Thanks for all your advice xx

          1. Thank you for letting me know, I had a feeling that it would feel better. Hope you can enjoy your class for the rest of the month!

  2. I love pointe shoes! I recently moved cities and am trying a new ballet school on Tuesday. They offer pointe classes for adults, so it will be something for me to work up to! They didn’t offer adult pointe classes at my old school.

    These shoes are gorgeous! What model and brand are they?


    1. I love them too! Can’t wait for the approval from my teacher. The brand is Bloch and the model is Suprima.
      Good luck with your classes!

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