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Jag lade en order hos IKEA idag, har aldrig beställt därifrån tidigare så vi får se hur det blir. Frakten kostade 49 kr, tycker det var ett ganska bra pris ändå. Beställde några nya filtar, kuddfodral och ljus. Måste erkänna att jag verkligen ser fram emot hösten och vintern, när man kan ha på sig stickade kläder, varma vantar och dricka te i ljusets sken. Så mysiga årstider!

I placed an order at IKEA today, I’ve never ordered online so will see how it goes. The shipping was 49 sek, I thought that was a pretty good price. I ordered some new blankets, pillow casings and candles. I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to the fall and winter, when you can wear knitted clothes, warm mittens and drink tea in the candle lights. Such cosy seasons!

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  1. Oh, so the seasons in Sueden are more or less like the seasons in France (I miss french weather !)
    But I must admit Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I’m glad we always have a white Christmas here in Canada ! I love the lights, the atmosphere, the cheer… (it’s after Christmas that snow starts getting on my nerves ahah !)

    1. Yes, white christmases are wonderful! I love everything about it too <3 But I agree, I get tired of it around January or February 😉

  2. Still reading through your blog little by little… 🙂
    I love autumn and winter too, because I’m a fan of every thing cosy… but I live in Canada (I’m French though), and winters last about 6 months… it’s really toooooooo long ! Even I get sick of “cosy” after a few months, and when we still get snow storms in april, it’s just too much !!! ahah ! 🙂

    1. Ouch, six months? Here in Sweden our seasons last for about three months (spring, summer, fall and winter). It’s just the right amount of time to enjoy them without getting tired of them. I’ve learned to enjoy and see the beauty in all seasons, which makes my life so much easier 🙂 Can’t wait for December, when we do the “winter” decorations with red, black and white!

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