Kvällens balettlektion var riktigt svår! Jag kämpade med nästan varje kombination. Hatar när det händer, känns som huvudet är helt tomt och kroppen svarar inte alls som man vill. Var fortfarande en riktigt bra lektion – men svår. Vi har redan börjat med koreografin till nästa års vårshow.

Tonight’s ballet class was really hard! I struggled with almost every combination. Hate when that happens, feels like your mind is completely blank and your body doesn’t respond as you want it to. Still a great class – but hard. We’ve already started with the choreography for next years spring show.

2 thoughts on “Hard

  1. I felt the same last tuesday, after my ballet class… I was so discouraged and worthless ! but then I realized it only helped me fight for what I want even more… easy classes are comforting for our self esteem, but challenging classes are the ones that really take us further 🙂
    (and my husband also comforted me by reminding me that countless sleepless nights because of our 10 months-old baby and exhausting stressful days before the class didn’t help either !)
    Don’t let one difficult class discourage you, keep the hard work and I’m sure next class will be better ! 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you! Besides, ballet is hard – and it should be! We need to work for what we want, that’s when you really can be proud of what we accomplish. Thank you for your motivating and kind words <3

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