Tired, so tired

Antar att hösten börjar ta ut sig rätt på mig. Jag känner mig konstant trött, hur mycket eller lite jag än sover. Vi började termin fem idag också och den är på engelska. Jag hoppas att jag börjar känna mig bättre snart och får tillbaka min energi. Kanske bara behöver rycka upp mig lite och köra på med full fart?

I guess the fall has taken its toll on me. I feel so tired all the time, no matter how much or little I sleep. We started term number five today and it’s all in English. I hope I feel better soon and get my energy back. Maybe I just need to pull myself out of it and just move on with full speed?

6 thoughts on “Tired, so tired

  1. Argh ! Half of my comment got lost when I posted it ! 🙁
    I was saying that I have health issues that keep me in a state of constant exhaustion… Super frustrating, as it is often preventing me from working out between ballet classes 🙁 have you checked your thyroid ? (I don’t know if it’s the right word in English) it could be a good start to try to discover what’s tiring you so much…

    1. I hate when that happens!

      I know the feeling, I don’t work out or stretch at home anymore, but hopefully I can find some energy for it from now on. I think it’s the right word, but no, I haven’t, not now anyways. But I think it’s coming from all the stress with the exam and the overall pressure with the education. If it doesn’t get better within the month, I’ll contact my doctor.

  2. I can totally relate 🙁 it’s so frustrating because I love fall ! But I just can’t get out of this constant state if exhaustion

    1. Hopefully we get some energy when the snow arrives, and when December starts, when we get to decorate our homes and bake warm saffron buns 🙂 Might be a silly question but do you eat saffron buns in Canada or France? They are called “lussebullar” or “lussekatter” in Sweden.

    1. Ja, det är den verkligen och efter fyra terminer tror jag att jag börjar känna av det :/ Tack för peppningen! Ska se till att försöka varva ner lite.

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