Wish 1

Alla dansare behöver ett yogablock. Om du inte redan har ett (eller flera) så är det dags att önska sig ett. De är väldigt bra för stretching, jag använder dem ofta till överspagater. Jag köpte mina på Sportamore.se, de har block från Casall och S.GEAR.

Every dancer needs a yoga block. If you don’t have one (or more) already, it’s time to wish for one. It’s great for stretching, I often use them for my oversplits.


4 thoughts on “Wish 1

    1. The yoga block is great for support when you do the beginner splits too! You can use them to hold up your body by placing the weight on them with your hands and arms 🙂 (Gaah, too tired to write in English, hope you understand what I mean). I can do it as a tip tomorrow! Then you’ll understand what I mean, if you didn’t understand my weird explanation.

      1. Ahah I think I understand what you mean (and your english is very good, even when you’re tired !)… but a picture is always a good idea 🙂 (if I understood correctly, I guess you would need two blocks, one on each side of the body ?)

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