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Jag skapade den här bloggen eftersom min förra blogg inrikades mer och mer på balett – min stora passion i livet. Den kommer därför mestadels bestå av inlägg om balett och allt runt det – stretching, mat och tips.

Jag har valt ett internationellt namn (balletbun.com) eftersom jag hade läsare från olika delar av världen på min förra blogg och jag gärna vill att fler ska kunna ta del av min passion.

Inläggen är skrivna på både svenska och engelska, vilket innebär att inläggen är något kortare och innehåller fler bilder.

Var inte rädda för att ställa frågor, ställa önskemål och säga er åsikt! Jag uppskattar återkoppling.

I created this blog since my last blog became a kind of ballet blog – ballet is my passion in life. This blog will be about ballet and everything around it – stretching, food and tips.

I’ve chosen an international name (balletbun.com) since I had readers from across the world on my last blog and I would like to see that everyone can have a piece of my passion.

I’m writing the posts in both Swedish and English, which means the posts often are pretty short and include more pictures.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, request posts and share your opinion! I really appreciate feedback and new ideas!

One thought on “About the Blog

  1. Hi!
    Do you aspire to be a professional dancer and a potential ballerina, or just that ballet is a major but not the fundamental component of your life?

    How is it like discovering your extent of passion towards ballet at 24? Have you felt pain at the same time because you could not pursued it as a primary profession? How do you balance between your other commitement and ballet? It is an activity that requires a significant amount of dedication and sacrifice and is particularly difficult to do as an adult..

    I am a 20 year old female university student who shares your passion for ballet as well, but faces the problems/concerns as stated above. It would be very comforting to hear the thoughts from a senpei.

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