Teacher’s choice

Eftersom det är sista söndagsbaletten idag så valde vår lärare vad vi skulle ha på oss. Vi alla ska ha på oss en svart leotard och en svart kjol (min leotard är från Capezio och kjolen från Worktool). Kan inte förstå hur fort den här terminen har gått!

Since it’s our last Sunday ballet class today, our teacher got to pick our outfit. We’re all going to wear a black leotard and a black skirt (my leotard is from Capezio and the skirt is from Worktool). I can’t believe how fast this term went!

White and Purple

Jag hade på mig mina nya balettkläder på dagens lektion. Toppen är lite stor i armarna men jag tror att den ska vara det. Den var riktigt mysig i alla fall. Det var den sista lördagsbaletten för den här terminen. Var tar tiden vägen?

I wore my new clothes on today’s ballet class. The shrug is a little big in the arms but I think its supposed to be. It was really cosy anyway. This was the last Saturday class for this term. Where does the time go?

Almost forgot


I almost forgot tonight’s ballet class! I got up at 05:00 this morning and was at the University at 06:30. I helped with the law fair during the day and it ended at 16:15. On my way home I realized that it’s actually Tuesday and ballet. I just ate some yogurt and changed my clothes before leaving again. I had two minutes to spare when I arrived. I’m soo tired now but I have to read a case before I can go to bed, a 50 pages long case.